Due to safety conncerns there is always an unlocked exit in your room.

Yes!  Children under 10 must only play in rooms marked as private.  Children under 14 must play in a room with at least one person that is 18 or older. Children 15 and up have no resrictions.

Most games can last up to 60 minutes.  We will on occasion offer mini games that have a shorter time limit.

We recommend showing up approximately 15 minutes prior to game time.  This way we can make sure waivers are signed and safety briefing is done so game can start on time.  This will keep following games on time for other guests.

Our game masters will make sure you understand how the clue system works.  In addition we will be watching you on CCTV and if we feel you need a boost we’ll ask if you’d like a clue.  Of course you can opt out of our gratuitous clue giving.

Yes! However due to the nature of the games there may be clues or puzzles in hard to reach places so we recommend having someone on your team that can accommodate these scenarios.  You can reach out to us to get details on the restrictions some rooms might pose and we’ll try to accommodate you.

Yes! Depending on room availability we may not be able to accomodate you immediately (this is especially true on busy days such as holidays and weekends).

Yes.  We have options to accommodate small groups or even very large groups.  If you are asking about the latter then visit our corporate/large group page to learn more.

Most rooms require at least 2 people however some games may be too difficult to be succesful with less than 3.

Yes. We can add on to your group as long as there are open spots left in the game.

Yes you can up to 3 hours before your scheduled game time (some restrictions may apply.  Contact us to learn more).

You can cancel for a full refund up to 48 hours before your scheduled game time.  You can cancel up to 3 hours before your scheduled game time for credit to re-book your escape room.  A no show is considered if you have not rescheduled or canceled your scheduled escape room and is not subject to refund or reschedule.

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