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Mutiny on the Sly

Calico Jack’s first mate Anne Bonnie needs your help.  It seems Captain Jack has been keeping more than his fair share of the booty.  Anne and the rest of the crew are planning a mutiny but they first need to find out where Captain Jack has hidden the treasure.  They are looking for you to sneak in and find out where it’s at.  This is a small escape room with a moderately high success rate.  Maximum capacity of this room is 5 pirates.

WARNING!  Intelligence reports that several nations are arming their nuclear missiles and it looks like their target is the United States.  We estimate that you only have about an hour to counter this threat.  Mysteriously though our control bunker has gone offline.  Your team is the closest so we need you to get in there, secure the bunker and get it back online.  We are counting on you.  This escape room is moderately difficult and requires good communication skills and focus.  Suggested max capacity is 9 agents.

Defcon Alpha

Launch controller for Escape room teaser

Our Portable Games

Our portable games are useful when you have a large group of people.  They play very much like an actual escape room, but we bring it to you.  Just provide a conference room, event center or meeting hall large enough to accommodate your group and we’ll set it up and guide you from there.  Great for corporate team building, reunions, bachelor(ette) parties, fundraisers etc..

portable escape game splash image

The crazy old Shaman of the villages on Tohua Island have gone on vacation.  Before leaving, they gathered up all the little tikis which represent Tawhirimatea’s children and hid their identities. 

It’s up to you to locate and return the tikis as soon as possible.  We are currently able to offer this for groups of 12 to 60 people.

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